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Kathy Cary's "Pure Vida" Tour to Costa Rica

"Pura Vida," or "Pure Life," is celebrated every day in beautiful Costa Rica. Join renowned Louisville, Ky. chef Kathy Cary in a cultural and culinary tour to this tropical paradise of waterfalls, misty crater lakes and isolated, jungle-fringed beaches! Our adventure in Luxury Boutique Travel, scheduled for January 3-11, 2017, will feature the dazzling sights and delicious food of the unique Central American country. Then there are the people -- Costa Ricans, orTicos as they prefer to call themselves, who proudly welcome visitors into the easygoing rhythms of pura vida. With the highest quality of life in all of Central America, Costa Rica invites you to partake in the pleasures of its perfect landscapes, sparkling beaches and gorgeous sunsets. This is indeed life at its purest!

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